Adwords Miracle? A true guide to riches or another scam designed to take your money and waste your time?

Warning: Read this Before Wasting Your Money...

Find out if Adwords Miracle really deserves its sought after reputation - the absolute truth exposed, before you make your decision...

"The Guy who despises Adword Guides written by so-called "gurus" and "experts" tells all about Adwords Miracle - will he turn a profit... or will he vow to destroy its reputation?"

From the desk of: Mr. Douglas
3pm Pacific Time
Is Adwords Miracle Worth It ?

Fellow internet marketer,

Let me be completely blunt before we start.

I hate Adword Guides. You know, those ones that claim that anyone can make $1000 per day selling other people's products? I hate them more than you do, and I always have.

Really, I do. And if you give me a few seconds I will tell you why.

But first, let's start with how I got here, and why I'm writing this...

About 6 weeks ago , I was browsing the web when I got an e-mail from a friend raving about this new Adwords Guide called Adwords Miracle, by Chris McNeehey.

Now, my friend is very intelligent and I trust his opinion, which is the only reason I clicked on the link in the first place. And here I am...

"But why do I hate those damn adword guides with a passion..."

Well, let me explain. I am an internet marketer and have been for the past 6 months. Even though I have over 5 years experience in non-internet business marketing, for awhile I seemed to be a professional at hitting dead-ends when it came to the internet.

After reading my first guide claiming to "crack the code" of google adwords, I was really put off. (This guide will remain nameless to protect the "innocent") The sales letter claimed that the information in this guide would allow anyone to make $20,000+ per month using google adwords and that this could be done within a month. Needless to say, I scrambled for my credit card as fast as I could. I wanted in on this kind of cash!

Then, within the first 5 pages, the author immediately lowered the standards presented in the sales letter. All of a sudden, it was revealed that it would take months, if not years, to earn the kind of cash claimed in the sales letter. It would also take additional large investments of money, and results were not 100% guaranteed for anyone!

Because I knew there was serious money to be made with adwords, I swallowed my pride and purchased some of the other top-selling adwords guides.

Unfortunately, it was more of the same: over-hyped features that just did not deliver.

So, you can imagine my thoughts when I got my friend's e-mail recommending Adwords Miracles. As I say, it was only because he was normally spot-on that I even clicked away.

When I reached the Adwords Miracles website, I was actually pretty impressed with the sales copy, and even more impressed with some of the features that this appears to have - the 'hit and run' method of conquering any niche, the insider tricks google doesn't want you to know...

But, again, I have to be honest with you...,

Naturally, I was skeptical. I still thought to myself, "nice sales letter, lots of intriguing features, this will convert well... but yet again, it just isn't going to provide the raw material I needed to quit my job and tell my boss to shove it... so forget it".

And that was that; I left the site... but a few days later my friend e-mailed me, letting me know he had used Adwords Miracle to setup a few affiliate promotions on Adwords and was about $200 up. He told me to stop whatever I was doing and get the book. So, I decided to take his advice and half-heartedly purchased my copy of Adwords Miracle.

Just so you know, I only purchased because there is a two month refund period. And my friend told me he would give me the money I plopped down on A.M. if I didn't make it back in a week. Well what did I have to lose? Nothing. If the book did not deliver, I would return it and my friend would give me the purchase price as well. In fact, he pestered the hell out of me to read it now and put the methods into practice today!

So, I decided to give him a chance, and make full use of Adwords Miracle. On my first read through, I honestly planned on skimming through the book, even though my friend was so set on me putting it to work right away. But once I started reading, I could not put it down...


Does it work?.. - read on...

Does A.M. really provide the best methods on the market to make loads of cash with adwords?

Does A.M. really work for affiliate marketers that do not have a website?

...And does it actually make me any money?...

Keep reading to find out the truth

The day after reading this manual, I put the methods into practice. It took me three days to make just over $200, more than twice the price of Adwords Miracle! Three days. I spent all of $20 on ads. A profit on $180 right off the bat? Not bad...

Needless to say, my friend was happy he did not lose our little bet. And of course, I was ecstatic to see this kind of return from using a method that took me less than an hour to set up. This result is only from a single method, called The Skimming Method. $100 per day from this method is not uncommon.


Just so you don't think I am exaggerating the scope of this guide, here are some of the featues available in the Adwords Miracle core manual (The Adwords Miracle Package includes a lot more than this):

1. 5 steps to turn your websites into Adwords cash machines - Chris (author of Adwords Miracle) lays out the exact steps he uses to make mass amounts of cash from Adwords. I use these methods now too!

2. The Insider Tricks Google doesn't want you to know - Unfortunately, I cannot reveal these tricks. You will have to purchase Adwords Miracle to find the details! (see link below) But they are laid out in detail in the book and will provide you with an easy $100 (probably more) profit per day.

3. The 100% Guaranteed way to spot a profitable adwords niche - so you can be sure your few minutes per day of adwords maintenance converts to bundles of cash!

4. The #1 reason why Clickbank Marketers are missing out on a goldmine right now - Odds are, the products you are promoting right now could be generating enough money for you to quit your job, but if no one "in the know" comes along and tells you how to do it right, you will never discover these secrets...

5. 4 Secret ways to destroy your competition -None of the Adwords experts even discuss this, but if you do not know it you are losing cash to the rest of us!

Plus many, many more...

"But now for the ultimate question - what have been the long-term results of using methods in Adwords Miracle? The results are in..."

Let me put it this way.

The results were.... interesting.

My time with Adwords Miracle has been very profitable - and I am now a convert. Chris can finally get some rest, knowing I will not be out to destroy his reputation.

But Adwords users shouldn't celebrate just yet. And here's why...

While I haven't changed my tune regarding adword guides in general, I've discovered that, this guide alone lacks all the necessary information needed to put you in the top 5% of affiliates. However, I have discovered proven methods to get to this top 5%...

But let's first review what comes with the Adwords Miracle Package:

Adwords Miracle
  • Adwords Miracle Core Manual (106 pages of raw content, no filler)
  • The Advanced Techniques Manual - including exact copies of Chris' own "guaranteed high clickthrough" ads
  • Clickbank Manual - How to choose the most profitable product on Clickbank, and its not what you think!
  • List-building Manual - How to build an opt-in list using adwords.
  • Video: Writing Good Ad Copy
  • Video: Walkthrough for choosing the right Clickbank products.
  • Video: Affiliates 101 - Everything that an affiliate using adwords needs to know.

This package is truely worth its weight in gold, but I was still left with this gut feeling that something was missing...

Now, meaning no disrespect whatsoever to the author of Adwords Miracle, but there are certain methods he recommends where the details go beyond the scope of the Adwords Miracle guide. He also leaves out some important information that can save you time and make you money! We cannot blame Chris for this, it would be impossible for him to cover every detail of every aspect of adwords, affiliate marketing, and online marketing marketing in general. No one can do that.

This is where I come in...

Are you ready to quit your job and answer to no one except for yourself? If you answered yes, you are in the right place...

If you order adwords miracle from the link below, I will throw my special report, "Adwords Miracle: the Missing Link" absolutely free. This special report is designed to save you time and make you more money. See all the features of this report below.

As I already stated, Adwords Miracle is a great guide that can allow you to make an extra $500 per day. But why stop at $500 when you could make $1000, or $2000 daily? So I'll say it again:

Are you dead serious about being your own boss? How bad do you want the financial freedom to do whatever your heart desires?

You can do this with my special Adwords Miracle Package. Unlike other sites that offer bonuses with the purchase of Adwords Miracle, I am actually going to tell you what I discuss in my report: The information in my report improves upon many points made in the Adwords Miracle manual, and thus allows you to make more money.

Adwords Miracle: The Missing Link (RRP $49) features -

  • Simple, effective methods for increasing your keyword list by 100 or more highly targeted keywords, all of which can be done with a few mouse clicks.
  • The proven method used to cut down on the number of necessary ad groups you need to create and at the same time increase your CTR!
  • You will also learn my one-of-a-kind, top secret method for generating free traffic. I've never seen anyone else use this method, but it is effective and has put and extra $100 per week (sometimes more) into my pocket. This is pure profit.
  • Tips on how to save money on your adwords campaigns and making your ads land on the first search page almost every time!
  • The easiest way to speed up ClickBank product research and not lose your edge on the competition!
  • And more!

So let's put this all together:

My special report, Adwords Miracle: The Missing Link, will show you how to greatly increase your number of targeted keywords, decrease the number of necessary ad groups, improve CTR, provide free traffic, put your ads on the first page, and make researching ClickBank products 10x easier!

This all means you are on your way to huge online profits!

But, you should be aware of this: if you are an affiliate marketer or a publisher who uses Adwords and doesn't have Adwords Miracle, you are losing out. And, if you are even thinking of getting Adwords Miracle without my additional special report... realize that you are missing out on an extra $2000 per month or more!

Don't say I didn't warn you.



"I bought A.M. via your link and I must say the guide is absolutely phenomenal. Using the information from the Adwords Miracle package along with your special report, I am swimming in the profits! My latest website is making me about $500 per day mostly using the methods found in your report. And this is just one site that is incredibly easy to manage! I am very glad that I waited to buy Adwords Miracle via your link. Thanks again!"

Dave Nelsen , Las Vegas, NV



To get this exclusive Adwords Miracle Package only offered on this site, there are three steps you need to take...

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3. Send me your receipt - forward it to - and I will send you access instructions to your bonuses, as soon as I have confirmed your order (within 24 hours).

Privacy: Your privacy is safe with me. I will not sell or give away your e-mail address to anybody.

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But, remember to do it fast - my report is not going to be available for free much longer... I am going to start charging for it after the next 19, 13 people purchase through this link. And if you don't get both Adwords Miracle, AND my exclusive bonus package, you are going to lose out to the competition. That much I promise.

Remember that this package deal is only available from this website; no-one else is offering this, and no-one ever will; which means you have a massive advantage over people who have Adwords Miracle but do not have my special report.


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